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Items from the original 1967 "Third Wave" class and school [to follow as available]

  • Report card
  • Class notes
  • New member recruitment form
  • Rally agenda
  • Exile to the library form (still looking for a copy of this)
  • Photos from class
  • Posters from class
  • Party membership cards (two shown in the Lesson Plan film)
  • Party armband (still looking for one of these)
  • School photos - then and now
  • Cubberley High School info
  • Cubberley Catamount school newspaper articles and links
  • Misc. Cubberley High School items

The Third Wave - report card (c)

     Ron Jones' class was a history class called "Contemporary World"

The Third Wave - logos (c)


Cubberley High - Room C3 exterior   Cubberley High - Room C3 interior

Cubberley High - Room H1 exterior   Cubberley High - Room H1 interior

Cubberley High - C wing exterior   Cubberley High School - front exterior

Cubberley High School - main corridor   Cubberley High School - map


Cubberley High School - cover

Cubberley High School - Cougar mascot

     Cubberley High School - ring side

Cubberley High School - amphitheater logo

Cubberley High School - ring front

                                                    We were the "Cubberley Cougars"

Cubberley High School - pendant        The Third Wave - 60's school desks


Cubberley High School - amphitheater totem
                       The "Totem" in the Cubberley Senior High School amphitheater


Items from the 1981 "The Wave" TV film and book

  • Various DVD covers
  • Various book covers
  • Promotional material

The Wave - 1981 movie advert

Items from the 2008 "Die Welle" movie

  • Die Welle website links
  • Photo links
  • Promotional material
  • Film festival info
  • Sundance sticker
  • Sundance and other press passes

Items from the 2010 The Wave musical by Ron Jones

  • Promotional material
  • m
  • ore


Items from the 2010 "Lesson Plan" documentary movie

  • Promotional material
  • more

The Third Wave - Lesson Plan movie poster


Items from miscellaneous plays and musicals

  • Posters
  • Programs
  • Promotional material
  • Photos
  • Links to  music



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