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October 22-25 - The Third Wave theater play, written by original teacher Ron Jones, will be produced by Arts' Options and Theater Space in Hong Kong, China
Learn more at the Arts' Options website and YouTube channel

October 24 - "Lesson Plan" documentary at Carmel International Film Festival, Carmel, CA
Original teacher Ron Jones, and original student and filmmaker Philip Neel, scheduled to attend

October 24 - "Lesson Plan" documentary at Utopia Film Festival, Greenbelt, MD
Orignal student Mark Hancock scheduled to attend


Recent Activities:

Jan. 30 through Mar. 22, 2015   "La Ola" play by Marc Montserrat Drucker in Madrid, Spain at Centro Dramatico Nacional

February, 2015 - "The Wave" play at Bharat Rang Mahotsav theater festival, Delhi, India

Mark Hancock visited 6 countries in 2015, speaking in schools and supporting theater plays as listed here
Mark is planning another Europe trip in 2015-2016 - email him at

*** The "Lesson Plan" documentary is now available to see online Amazon Movies  and  Flixfling
          (still working on the DVD, collecting extras)

Several countries will be showing Lesson Plan on TV (click to see networks)
(Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Israel, Turkey)-

Please contact us if you see one announced, and we will list it here


News and Articles

"Remembering the Third Wave"
Peninsula Magazine, September, 1991, by Leslie Weinfield
"Like history in the first person"
The, September 16, 2008,by Anthea Lipsett
"The Wave shows how to turn children into Nazis"
London Sunday Times, August 31, 2008, by Jeff Dawson
"The Wave: the experiment that turned a school into a police state"
The, September 5, 2008, by Sheila Johnston
"Nazis f￿f Tage"
Spiegel Online, March 11, 2008, by Christian Hambrecht
"In 'The Wave,' ex-teacher Ron Jones looks back", January 30, 2010, by Sam Whiting
סרט: בחזרה לנחשול, April 4, 2011, by Rosenfeld
Info on artiicle

Links to The Wave story resources

Miscellaneous Links

Cubberley Community Center today

City Committee on future of Cubberley property

Save Cubberley website   and   Save Cubberley petition

Rock Bands at Cubberley blog

The closing of Cubberley article

Student pranks at Cubberley

Moviie reviews


Other Social Experiments

Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes by Jane Elliott, first held on April 5, 1968 (the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and exactly one year to-the-day after the final Third Wave rally).  Excellent documentary on PBS's Frontline can be watched here (one of their most requested shows).

Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip Zimbardo, held in summer 1971 at Stanford University (about 3 miles from Cubberley High School).

The Obedience to Authority Experiment by Stanley Milgram, begun in July 1961 (3 months after the start of the Eichmann war criminal trial).

East/West Germany one-day experiment, Pine View School, Osprey, Florida, on February 23, 2010

Holocaust Remembrance Day one-day experiment, Apopka Memorial Middle School, Apopka, Florida in March 2006

"Puritan Day" at Village Community School (8th grade) by Joan Brodsky Schur, published 2007

Holocaust experiment program, Waxahachie Ninth Grade Academy in Texas, article in 2007


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